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This Video will show how we make Custom Pocket Watch Cases. Unfortunately now days you see allot of pocket Watches that are “homeless ” or Case less. The Watches are striped from their Gold, Silver and sometimes Gold Filled Cases. The Cases are melted for scrap and watch movements left behind. We are making Custom Pocket Watch and Wrist Watch cases to give those high grade watches a second life!!!!!

These 2 videos will show you the magnetized hairspring on the watch. If you watch gets magnetized it will start running fast. What happens is hairspring sticks together and becomes shorter that causes watch to run faster.

Non Magnetized Hairspring ( Normal Working Order)

This video will teach you how to polish watch mineral crystals and sapphire crystals. This is 4 Step process that Produces like new crystal results.  If you need crystal polished on you watch please contact us.

The Steps for testing watches for water proof!!!!

1. The Watch is locked in the pressure chamber above the water line.

2. The chamber is pressurized. ( if Watch is water proof no air gets inside the watch case)

3. The watch is slowly submerged under water.

4. Check for air Bubbles.

If the watch is not (Air/Water) Tight then during pressurization the air fills up the case of the watch and then when watch is submerged the air escapes at the point of entry (Leek Point).If the watch case is water tight then at submersion you will not see any bubbles.

This is very safe way of testing watches for water résistance.

In this video you will see a little machine that we redesign for Drill pivots on Balance wheels or any other wheels.

This is another machine that we redesigned for polishing pivots on Balance wheels .

And another machine also for balance wheel pivot polishing.

“Hamilton Military Watches” Lecture by John Flahive NAWCC Chapter 47. This is educational video on Hamilton Military Watches

 Allen-Bradley Clock information and history Video. 

Cuckoo Clock Wood Restoration and Repair by Bill Galinsky

This is a Lecture on Time Recording Devices presented to you by Craig White