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2 comments on “GuestBook
  1. Steve Gasper says:

    Our antique Rockford pocket watch is well over 110 years old. When we inherited the watch it hadn’t been in running condition for many years. We took it to a local watchmaker for repair. After keeping and working on the watch for several months the watchmaker informed us that, due to the unavailability of parts, he was not able to restore the watch to proper operating condition.

    We were dismayed that the watch could not be repaired. Consequently it was put in a safe deposit box where it remained for a few years. With a renewed interest in getting the watch repaired, we recently began a search for a watchmaker with whom we could entrust our family heirloom to have it repaired properly. In our search we were fortunate to find Watchcircle, only about an hour drive from our house.

    When we took it to Watchcircle, Eugene immediately made an initial inspection of the watch. We were very pleased to learn that he was very certain that he and his business partner, Vlad, could restore the watch to proper operating condition.

    With confidence that we had finally found a watchmaker whom we could entrust our family heirloom to, we left the watch in Eugene’s care.

    Seven days later we were notified by Email that the Rockford was fixed, running fine and keeping time accurately. We picked the watch up the next day. Not only does it run great, it also is cleaned, shiny and looks great. The rhythmic ticking sound is the sweetest we have ever heard in a watch. All for not much more cost than we paid for the failed attempt to repair the watch.

    We are very grateful to Eugene and Vlad for their ability to restore our Rockford. With their years of experience and dedication to their work, not only were they able to fix the things that are caused by normal use, they were also able to reverse the ills that were inflicted on the watch by the incompetent watchmaker who bungled in his attempt to repair the watch.

    We will be taking other watches to Watchcircle for service and repair. One will be a Movado, a favorite watch, to have the scratched crystal polished and restored.

  2. Jim J. says:

    I live in far Western Wisconsin (50 miles N.E. of Minneapolis/St. Paul), and I discovered WatchCircle while searching for watches. I ended up having them repair 3 watches, and I am a HUGE fan of Eugene & Vlad. They repaired my 1980’s Seiko (replaced the crown), a 1940’s heirloom Hamilton that was my great-uncle’s ordination present, and my most recent acquisition, a 1964 Accutron. The Accutron was a challenging repair, but they did an incredible job, and the watch works wonderfully and looks like new.
    I highly, highly recommend WatchCircle. They are skilled artisans, and just as important, are honest and fair.

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